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One of the biggest dilemmas facing organizations today is the rising cost of healthcare insurance. Forney Financial is deeply entrenched in helping you navigate the benefits landscape and providing an efficient strategy to help manage these costs.

The Health Advantage

Forney Financial doesn't utilize a conventional approach to healthcare insurance, we focus on the following areas:

1. Health Management - The majority of illness and disease is caused by lifestyle-related behavior and may be preventable. We look to implement our wellness strategy in your organization to get to the root of the problem.

2. An Outside-the-Box Approach - Traditional plan design with today's renewal rates set the stage for an uphill struggle. Look at our HDHP example to see how we are staying ahead of the premium trend.

3. Inclusive Service - Forney Financial can handle every aspect of your healthcare insurance. Offering FSA, HSA, HRA, and COBRA administration as well as handling claims issues and due diligence work, we are your point person for everything related to your healthcare insurance.

4. Monitoring - Forney Financial will closely examine your healthcare strategy to ensure it is performing. Monitoring and benchmarking your plan are essential tasks.

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